Bioquell – RBDS (Room Bio-Decontamination Service)

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Local Support, Bioquell Trained

Fully managed hydrogen peroxide vapour (HPV) bio-decontamination service

Scalable from small rooms to complete facilities

Fully documented and verified cycles to 6-log sporicidal reduction in bioburden

Bioquell RBDS (room bio-decontamination service) is designed to provide confidence, that facilities have been
efficiently and effectively bio-decontaminated. Whether undertaken in an individual room, an entire building or
across the whole site, the service is carried out quickly. Pre-agreed timescales, help to ensure a rapid return to
normal operation. This fully scalable outsourced service simplifies internal operating procedures and reduces the
burden of in-house paperwork.
The service delivers a universally recognised standard of 6-log reduction in environmental bioburden using
advanced Bioquell HPV technology. Each HPV bio-decontamination cycle undertaken by the Bioquell RBDS
team uses biological indicators (BIs) to ensure it is verified in a challenging and repeatable way.
Bioquell RBDS is suitable for facility/area bio-decontamination within small and large GMP regulated,
or non-regulated areas, including food manufacturing/ processing, laboratories, biomedical facilities, and
biosafety/biosecurity areas.