Ehret – Cytotoxic Isolator

100 %

Germany Design & Made

Available in Positive Pressure or Negative Pressure

With Integration of H2O2 Vapour Generator

Compliance with cGMP and 21CFR part 11 requirement

  • For aseptic processing and processing of pharmaceuticals, sterile tests, stem cells and umbilical cord blood
  • Secure, logical separation of operator and process through a closed system
  • Construction entirely made of stainless steel 1.4301
  • 2 locks with foot switch for doors and mutual door lock
  • Cleanliness level in the working area: vol. 4 EU Guidelines to GMP, Grade A
  • ISO class 5 according to ISO DIN EN 14644-1
  • Display of internal pressure, automatic pressure drop test and pressure drop indicator
  • All filters (except pre-filter) are HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter) filters of filter class H14 (DIN EN 1822)
  • Various options and accessories (see brochure or on request)

For Aseptic Process of:

  • Pharmaceuticals (TPN mixtures, IV solutions, eye drop, …etc)
  • Stem cells and umbilical cord blood
  • CIV AS (Central Intravenous Additive Service)
  • Sterile-Tests