Bioquell BQ-50 – Portable & Compact HPV

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United Kingdom Technology

The BQ-50 represents Bioquell’s latest advance in delivering its unique HPV technology into hospitals. The BQ-50 is capable of decontaminating rooms up to 200m³* rapidly and efficiently using fully automated cycles and utilising its ‘proprietary high velocity’ aeration systems. Bio-decontamination cycles are controlled and monitored via a two-button control lectern situated outside the target area. The BQ-50 delivers Bioquell’s unique hydrogen peroxide solution (HPV-AQ) in a true vapour form (HPV) forming a layer of ‘micro-condensation’ on all surfaces in the room. Deactivating microorganisms (including C. difficile spores) on all surfaces, equivalent to a 6-log reduction. The HPV is then removed by catalytic aeration units which produce water vapour and oxygen: a ‘green’, residue-free process.