Bioquell L4 – Multipurpose HPV


HPV Delivered

100 %

UK Design & Made

Residue Free

No after wiping and cleaning necessary!

Built-in Sensor Monitor

with report printing temperature, pressure, & H2O2 concentration conditions


Same result Every Time!

The Bioquell L-4 Opti hydrogen peroxide vapour (HPV) generator is a robust and versatile system for elimination of microbial contaminants from a wide variety of in laboratory enclosures, transfer chambers and even full size rooms. With unique dual loop technology, minimising hydrogen peroxide usage whilst delivering the optimum amount of
sterilant to surfaces, repeatable 6-log kill can be validated for complete peace of mind.
With built-in RFID traceability, the L-4 Opti achieves the highest levels of performance coupled with validation data to support the user in documenting the processes. Combined with Bioquell hydrogen peroxide (HPV-AQ),
biological indicators (HPV-BI) and chemical indicators (HPV-CI), no other system can give microbial eradication with the performance and the assurance of the L-4 Opti.