Bioquell proteQ

100 %

UK Design & Made

6-log bio-decontamination


Up to 250 m3-400 m3 in a regulated GMP environment

Suitable for large room/zone volumes

No post-cleaning required

Room/zone can be immediate resume operational after process

The Bioquell ProteQ can be used from small labs to large bioprocessing areas, and our latest 35% hydrogen peroxide vapour decontamination offering can do it all. With powerful distribution reduces cycle times and new wireless functionality can network multiple units, making it ideal for nearly any size area. The Bioquell ProteQ offers built-in aeration, but cycles can be optimized further with optional wirelessly controlled aeration units stored directly in system’s frame. It also features human interface – colour touch screen, wirelessly control interface and thermal print record. Enclosure decontamination capacity nominally 400m3 (14,130 ft3) for rooms (subject to configuration, loading and environmental conditions, lower limit 250m3 (8,830 ft3) at 30°C (86°F) and 10% RH), decontaminate every exposed surface in single cycle easily for a validated 6-log sporicidal bioburden reduction.